The NABCI-Canada Council creates committees as required. Each NABCI-Canada committee is comprised of at least one Council member, members of an organization represented on the Council and possibly members of organizations not represented on the Council.

Committees lead the coordination and support the delivery of actions outlined in the NABCI-Canada strategic work plan (coming soon).  Their purpose is to advance NABCI-Canada goals and undertake particular activities in support of its four roles. NABCI-Canada’s current committees include:

Website Redevelopment Committee:

As one of the four roles of NABCI-Canada, communication is central to our functioning. NABCI-Canada strives for all sectors of society  to be aware of priority bird conservation issues. The membership and functions of this particular committee evolve as needed.

Members (from fall 2017 to spring 2018):

  • Elaine Secord (Bird Studies Canada)
  • Jennifer Feschuk (Wildlife Habitat Canada)
  • Marie-France Noel (NABCI-Canada Coordinator, ECCC-CWS)
  • Veronica Aponte (ECCC-CWS)

Terms of Reference

State of Canada’s Birds Steering Committee:

One of NABCI-Canada’s priorities is to coordinate the periodic production of the State of the Birds reports, which include the State of North America’s Birds and State of Canada’s Birds reports. This committee is in charge of analyzing the most up to date bird monitoring data for Canada using the best population modelling available and of summarizing their findings in a report. This report will include information on bird population trends and provides recommendations on where and how to invest in conservation efforts in Canada.

Current Members:

  • Charles Francis (ECCC-CWS)
  • Andrew Couturier (Bird Studies Canada)
  • Adam Smith (ECCC-CWS)
  • Marie-Anne Hudson (ECCC-CWS)
  • Ted Cheskey (Nature Canada)
  • Jim Devries (Ducks Unlimited)
  • Alaine Camfield (ECCC-CWS)
  • Marie-France Noel (NABCI-Canada Coordinator, ECCC-CWS)

If you are interested in joining one of NABCI-Canada’s committees, please contact the secretariat.