Council Structure

As part of the NABCI-Canada Council, members bring their knowledge and expertise to work on shared NABCI goals. Members foster communication between their constituency and NABCI, and promote NABCI and its goals within their own organizations.

A small Executive Committee comprised of a representative from each sector (federal government, provincial and territorial governments, environmental-non government organizations and industry) works on refining the NABCI-Canada strategic direction while ensuring that progress continues between full Council meetings.

The NABCI-Canada Council is supported by a secretariat that assists and facilitates the Council and the Executive Committee by undertaking day-to-day operations, and providing strategic, policy, scientific, and communication support to the partnership. The secretariat, represented by the NABCI-Canada Coordinator, sits as an ex officio member of the Council.

In addition, committees are created as needed to advance priorities and implement actions established by the Council.


  • Ken De Smet, Manitoba

  • Jonathan Sharpe, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Randy Milton, Nova Scotia

  • Steve Gordon, New Brunswick

  • Brad Potter (Executive), Prince Edward Island

  • Danielle St-Pierre, Quebec

  • Patrick Hubert, Ontario

  • Katherine Conkin, Saskatchewan

  • Travis Ripley, Alberta

  • Alec Dale, British Columbia

  • Matt Clark, Yukon

  • Brett Elkin, Northwest Territories

  • Drikus Gissing, Nunavut


  • Robert McLean (Executive  Chair) Environment and Climate change Canada’s (ECCC) Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS)
  • Kim Mawhinney, Acting ECCC-CWS Atlantic regional director—Waterfowl representative
  • Marie-Josée Couture, ECCC-CWS Quebec regional director—Eastern Habitat Joint Venture representative
  • Jack Hughes or Elizabeth Rezek (alternating), Acting ECCC-CWS Ontario regional director—Shorebird representative
  • David Ingstrup (Executive), ECCC-CWS Prairies—Prairie Habitat Joint Venture—Landbird representative
  • Blair Hammond, ECCC-CWS Pacific regional director—Pacific Birds and Canadian Intermountain Joint Ventures representative—Waterbird representative
  • Christian Bertelsen, Acting ECCC-CWS Northern regional director


  • Andrew de Vries (Executive – current alternate for Tara Shea), Mining Association of Canada

  • Megan Falle, Canadian Electricity Association

  • Fawn Jackson, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

  • Kate Lindsay, Forest Products Association of Canada


  • Steven Price (Executive), Bird Studies Canada

  • Cameron Mack, Wildlife Habitat Canada
  • Kathryn Folkl, Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • Pat Kehoe, Ducks Unlimited Canada and North American Wetland Conservation Council (Canada)

  • Graham Saul, Nature Canada